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Monday, April 14, 2008


Sometimes I reminisce on the days of college where I truly had NOTHING to do. My friends and I would use Saturdays as a day to drink massive amounts of pop and watch lots and lots of old movies (among the favorites were Cocktail (b/f Tom Cruise jumped off the deep end) and An Officer and a Gentelman). When we were feeling especially energetic we'd walk to the cafeteria for some grub...then we'd prepare for the was a grueling schedule, which is why I gained the freshman 15 + 10 :) SO NOW, when I have 5 minutes to chill I'm so so grateful. Saturdays are often crazy at our house, hubby had to work, Wes had soccer, I had 3 shoots...thank goodness we have good friends here who can cover for our lack of family and babysitters! Anyway, I rolled back in around 2:00 PM and when I came in I found my three boys 'watching' the Masters. This scene NEVER happens but we've all been so busy I think everyone needed a fat nap this weekend.


Anya said...

LOL! That sooooo looks like my house when hubby is at home with the kids. Looks like your hubs is a physician too. Mine is an OB/GYN.

Suzi Neely said...

this is the cutest shot ever! sweet boys. : )

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