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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Bestest Age of All - Beth Jansen OKC Children's photographer

If I've said it once I'll say it a gazillion times - I LOVE THIS AGE. I won't even babble on and on about it but I could have posted every image of this sweet girl. Enjoy!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

BOY VS. GIRL - Beth Jansen, OKC Newborn Photographer

So, earlier in the month I sent out an email begging for a newborn boy. I bought this scale that weighs like 8 million pounds. I had to get a baby on it b/c otherwise it's just a decoration in my family room, albeit a cool one, but unless I get in to the old fashion grain business it doesn't really serve much purpose. SO, JOSH McCULLOCK to the rescue.... Josh and his wife Katie just had a baby boy and I was so pleased to have them over. Josh is an amazing wedding photographer, his style is surreal and chic, makes one gush over all the artistic edge he brings to love. Awesome combo... anyway, this is his bambino. It was great hanging out and trying to get Mr. Gavin to SLEEP (he tried and tried and TRIED to resist..).

OH, and little Gavin stole his dad's line - Josh always signs off, 'to life'! So I thought it'd ONLY be appropriate to start Gavin off right, like father like son..

And then there was a newborn girl named SARA - every once in a while I have a little baby pull at the heart strings - Little Ms. Sara did just that. She is SIX weeks old for this shoot and still the most precious little thing on the planet. Loved her.

I don't think her weight is accurate but I thought it was fun to clone out what was really on the scale ....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Funny this, I uploaded this to my Flickr Blog and everyone thought it meant that Vegas = BABIES. And i've never been good at math but I think It would need to be Vegas + Martinies = BABIES; Vegas + BABY is just VEGAS, BABY!!!! SO, I'm not planning on making any babies in Vegas (since my husband isn't going he'd be kind of upset if that was the plan). And the old cliche, 'What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas' will not apply. I'm going for WPPI - this MONGO photography conference that is full of education opportunites and new product offering etc etc. I'll be there through WED, FEBR 18th! I won't be having ANY fun, AT ALL, not even for a second ;) Talk soon ~B

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day - It is what it is...

I really love these boys...

Just this morning, Ewan climbed in my bed (for the 2nd time in the wee hours of the AM) and I said to him,

'You need to learn to stay in bed little bubba, it's ridiculous that you always come in here in the middle of the night.' Without another response he shook his head with positive certainty and said, 'Well, anyways.. i just wuv you mom.' So what do you say to that? I suppose if we all tried to be less gaurded and we just said, 'well, anyway, i just wuv you' it would make the world a lot better place.

On a funnier less sentimental note, Yesterday, Wesley was running around crazy in nothing but his underwear and I said to him, 'Wes, c'mon, go get some PANTS on'

'MOM, you don't understand my mind, I'm having fun without pants'

'WELL, you can still have fun WITH pants on, Wes'

Simply put; 'Mom, NO you can't'

Well then - a six year old take on fun for males. He's right, I don't quite understand his mind BUT i do get that it starts way too young .... lol

So anyway, Happy Valentines Day! Simon Says Do what you love, love what you do and DO WHO YOU LOVE ;)

A few of Wes and Ewan from today (cupcake shots at SaraSara Cupcake!)..

Tag on..

So, in the post before this one little Eliza was NOT herself, she was actually quite sick so we had a mini-reshoot to get some ZaZa pictures. Eliza's Grandpa owns the super chic boutique, Hotel ZaZa in Dallas and Houston. If you are looking for a trendy hot spot to stay, ZaZa is your destination. If you're looking for one of the cutest babes I've shot in a while, Eliza is your baby :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


It was about 6 months ago when I had the chance to shoot Eliza and Henry within their first few days.. They've grown to be SO so flippin cute. I so love shooting this family - they request the unexpected and want funky out of the ordinary images (match made in heaven), so it was so refreshing to be at Untitled Art Space downtown for this one...We had fun. Always a great time with you guys - and it was nice to meet the whole fam!

A few months back...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Belly Laughter..

this nearly made me pee myself.

Addendum to Cribs

SO, I'm excited to announce that Apartment Therapy (this super chic website that features urban every day living..) has decided to feature my house as one of their 2009 tours. Pretty exciting for me! Here are a few pics of my guest room.. for the full tour click here: tour

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