Hello! I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma City based photographer. I use only available light, shoot on-location, and 90% of my work is with kids! I love that my JOB is to make art and make friends. My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'. Life will be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B

Monday, April 28, 2008

Little sis

Just want to gobble this one up :)

Lil Spring Flower..

She was so sweet I had to share a few of her.. not quite done with this gallery! Her little 12 week old sis was just as sweet, I'll post more of her soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


WOW, we're BUSY.....Thank GOD I have hired Catherine, some of you may have chatted with her or received emails from her but she's doing all of my scheduling, invoicing, making sure I still have my head on, last year at this time I showed up to a shoot without my camera. Friends and I keep talking about how one of these days I'm going to pull out my I Phone and pretend it's my 'real' camera.. say something like, 'do you know how to zoom with this?' My clients are so nice though, they'd probably just nod and smile at me! ANYWAY, I've had some awesome sessions lately and the beautiful colors and flowers are in FULL bloom! SO, b/c of that my May is booked solid. There are still some openings in June but if you're looking for a shoot this summer it's NOT too early to give us a ring!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The six month old

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting 6-9 month olds? I shot this little guy when he was just a few days old. WOW, he's changed so much. He's is such a little doll face :)

Spring is in the air...

I have had a FLURRY of newborns's been so fun capturing all these little ones...and all girls! I haven't had a boy in a long long time! Here are a few from recent sessions.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Sometimes I reminisce on the days of college where I truly had NOTHING to do. My friends and I would use Saturdays as a day to drink massive amounts of pop and watch lots and lots of old movies (among the favorites were Cocktail (b/f Tom Cruise jumped off the deep end) and An Officer and a Gentelman). When we were feeling especially energetic we'd walk to the cafeteria for some grub...then we'd prepare for the was a grueling schedule, which is why I gained the freshman 15 + 10 :) SO NOW, when I have 5 minutes to chill I'm so so grateful. Saturdays are often crazy at our house, hubby had to work, Wes had soccer, I had 3 shoots...thank goodness we have good friends here who can cover for our lack of family and babysitters! Anyway, I rolled back in around 2:00 PM and when I came in I found my three boys 'watching' the Masters. This scene NEVER happens but we've all been so busy I think everyone needed a fat nap this weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Funky Monkey

I'm so excited to be working with Funky Monkey boutique in OKC! I have searched high and low for a good boutique for kids in this city and when I walked in to Funky Monkey I knew I had found it! Let me just say they have the BEST selection around, 100% my choice in dressing kids, especially for shoots! I encourage all of my clients to think FUNKY, as my style is NOT classic so kids' dress should also reflect that! I LOVE lots of color and patterns (mixing colors and patterns) and adding layer upon layer. As you can see I LOVE hats and tights and boots and furs and whatever can make a little one stand out! If you go to Funky Monkey and tell them you have a shoot with me they will help with you in picking out your outfits! TONIGHT from 6-8, Funky Monkey is having a 'Grand Opening' party and everything is 15% off. Check it out, as a mother of two BOYS you will not be dissapointed in the selection for mom,baby, boy or girl! Happy shopping :)

Funky Monkey: 14101 N. May Ave, OKC, OK 478-7066

Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the Move...

WELL, We've been here officially 10 months, so it's time to move :) I love my house, I really really do but I REALLY need more space for my business. We'd like to build a neutral space on the new house that clients can come and see all of my products, get help with ordering, etc etc! We're excited but in no MASSIVE hurry to move, just waiting for the right things to fall in to place. SO here is a little sneak peek of my home. CLEARLY, I love color.... people always see parallels of my work in my house, it's true, I love to put color together! Anyway, the house is over 2,500 sq. ft. 3 beds, 2 dining, 2 Living rooms, 1 office, lots of toilets... :) A MUST SEE ;)
There are more pics on my website, go to proofing, password is 'house'.

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