Hello! I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma City based photographer. I use only available light, shoot on-location, and 90% of my work is with kids! I love that my JOB is to make art and make friends. My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'. Life will be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And I'm BACK!

FINALLY got internet back and I am proofing like a mad woman so never fear, your proofs will get to you soon! The new home is fabulous, although we went from a brand new home to an old home, so my idealistic view of this house has quickly morphed in to the next realistic phase....there are bugs, and broken windows, and uneven floors and WORST of all, BAD COLOR on the walls - so as you can imagine we will have our hands FULL in the aesthetic remodel of the home, but i love it and i have to remind myself of that! I'll post a few pics soon, my office has two huge windows, one of which faces our bamboo forest (truly, we have a bamboo forest), but instead of my view of the Purina Dog Factory of Edmond (coupled with the invigorating scent it bestowed upon us when the wind was just right) I have a view of bamboo and other large leafy trees (i'm not a botonist) that house cardinals, and bluejays and playful's quite lovely. Friends of mine told me that I was receiving some spiritual msg b/c apparently there is a bible verse about cardinals and bluejays and the abnormality of them co-existing in the same area. Email me the verse and I will post it. Spiritual or not, I can def. say there is a unique energy here, one that i'm sure will translate in to my work! OK, OK, speaking of work.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AND, we're moving

Well my last blog post was on a SUNDAY, Monday we found renters that need to be in by th2 21st of JUNE, so that gave us very little time to get out of here and in to our new home.....don't get me wrong, I'm completely elated but moving an entire house solo in a week is no easy task. We're closing on our house tomorrow (WED), I will be without internet access until MONDAY, I'm going to feel like my hands were cut off! I will have the trusty I Phone however and will respond to any urgent emails or calls. Until then enjoy one of my favorite family portraits from this past weekend in DC. ALSO, if you have called for a last minute appt. I am SO sorry I can't fit you in right now, but due to the crazy move and my very patient clients waiting for their own gallery posts I just HAD to say no.....which is a very very difficult task for me!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time Flies

WOW! I've neglected my blog and not b/c i haven't been shooting, b/c i've been SO busy shooting I don't want to take time away from proofing to post updates. In the past month we've been out of town twice and have done a RECORD number of shoots. Just to give you a bit of perspective in to the life of a gallery, shoots take about 2 hours, from leaving my house to getting back home and proofing a gallery takes 4-6 hours (depending on the size of the family). So one shoot is a full day's work for me. This is why I like to keep my shoots to a minimum so I can spend proper time on all of my galleries (although my 'minimum' now is reaching it's maximum :). Beyond shooting and proofing of course is the ordering and socializing i do with my clients - seriously one of my favorite parts of this gig. I get told all the time what a great job i have and i whole-heartedly agree. I am 100% extrovert, so to be able to wake up every day meet new people and chit-chat about life makes me a happy person - and then of course I get to make art. I really do have the best job. Thank you for being my clients and allowing my social nature to invade your homes :)

So what else is new? My employee Catherine has really made life easier for me...which is why i'm able to do more shooting and less business. Love it. I'm also headed BACK to DC for shooting this THURSDAY-SUNDAY (june 12-15). If you know someone wanting a shoot in one kick-a** city lemme know! And TRUE to Beth Jansen form, I have found the house of my dreams, unfortunately it still remains a dream until this darn house sells or leases - so if you know anyone looking for a hip home in Edmond send them my way! You guys will LOVE the new house, it has everything i need for a new studio space. I already have the big THANK YOU party I'm throwing ONCE we move in planned (i'm really trying HARD to be optimistic in such a horrible real estate market). Time will tell. OK, here a handful of recent clients and this is truly just a handful, just grabbed a few to prove that I've been making my way around town :) Hope everyone is enjoying their summers, what about the TANS these kids have already?! WOW!

PS - YES WE CAN, BO :)!!!

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