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Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the Move...

WELL, We've been here officially 10 months, so it's time to move :) I love my house, I really really do but I REALLY need more space for my business. We'd like to build a neutral space on the new house that clients can come and see all of my products, get help with ordering, etc etc! We're excited but in no MASSIVE hurry to move, just waiting for the right things to fall in to place. SO here is a little sneak peek of my home. CLEARLY, I love color.... people always see parallels of my work in my house, it's true, I love to put color together! Anyway, the house is over 2,500 sq. ft. 3 beds, 2 dining, 2 Living rooms, 1 office, lots of toilets... :) A MUST SEE ;)
There are more pics on my website, go to proofing, password is 'house'.


Shari said...

Good luck selling your house! It is gorgeous so I wouldn't think you would have any problem! We had VERY similiar colors in our last house! We are putting ours on the market this weekend too!

Beth Jansen said...

Good luck! Always SO fun buying...not so fun selling :)

Carly McCray Photography said...

Gorgeous house Beth!! Too bad we're not looking to relocate :)

That fireplace is to die for!

Scarlet Begonias said...

your home is so lovely. You did an awesome job. I am sooo jealous that you have room to work out of your home. Someday the same for me...

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