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Thursday, December 25, 2008

My MERRY Christmas Shoot..

This was a special shoot for two reasons:
1. I haven't seen my niece, Vivi for many months - last time I really had a good shoot with her was at 5 days old.... So now that she is at my absolute favorite age (8 months) I was excited to capture the perfection. She is the happiest most joyful baby. And, YES, her eyes are REALLY that blue, who wouldn't want to photograph her?
2. Reason #2 the shoot was fun; I got to be the first 'guest' photographer to shoot at Kelley Ryden's new studio. Kelley was my original mentor and while our styles really couldn't be more different I still credit her for all the initial tools to get me moving (seriously the best money I've ever spent!). Kelley and her twin sister Tracy are seriously AMAZING newborn photographers, if you're not already a fan, I encourage you to jump on the bandwagon. All these (aside from the newborn pic) were taken at her new studio space. My sister prefers the simple approach (I can do simple!! ;) and for babies this age I can't disagree, GORGEOUS LIGHT and hardwood floors - what else do you need?

Kelley, Me, Tracy (and her bun in the oven..)


elena said...

merry christmas!
love your use of fun backgrounds, and that amazing dof - awesome shots and amazing light! and you guys look great! it is amazing how valuable it is and how it can change your life meeting the right people at the right time on your path in life, that can teach you and help you channel your energy the right direction...

Valerie said...

these are sooooooo beautiful! That studio light is TDF!!!!!

Angie said...

It's so neat to see you 3 photogs together! I look up to all of you - didn't realize y'all knew each other! And those pics of Vivienne are beautiful~ I bet she will treasure those forever.

eleanor said...

Beautiful photographs!

Jamie said...

Wow, sooo beautiful! So did you use all window light for the indoor shots? No other light?!?

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