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Friday, February 20, 2009

BOY VS. GIRL - Beth Jansen, OKC Newborn Photographer

So, earlier in the month I sent out an email begging for a newborn boy. I bought this scale that weighs like 8 million pounds. I had to get a baby on it b/c otherwise it's just a decoration in my family room, albeit a cool one, but unless I get in to the old fashion grain business it doesn't really serve much purpose. SO, JOSH McCULLOCK to the rescue.... Josh and his wife Katie just had a baby boy and I was so pleased to have them over. Josh is an amazing wedding photographer, his style is surreal and chic, makes one gush over all the artistic edge he brings to love. Awesome combo... anyway, this is his bambino. It was great hanging out and trying to get Mr. Gavin to SLEEP (he tried and tried and TRIED to resist..).

OH, and little Gavin stole his dad's line - Josh always signs off, 'to life'! So I thought it'd ONLY be appropriate to start Gavin off right, like father like son..

And then there was a newborn girl named SARA - every once in a while I have a little baby pull at the heart strings - Little Ms. Sara did just that. She is SIX weeks old for this shoot and still the most precious little thing on the planet. Loved her.

I don't think her weight is accurate but I thought it was fun to clone out what was really on the scale ....


claire said...

all of those are just stunning beth! love that great antique scale

Phat Baby Photographer said...

Great use of props, color and natural lighting to really enhance the pictures.

Bella's Bowtique said...

Oh my! The one with the baby on the shelf! That is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!! I love them!

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