Hello! I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma City based photographer. I use only available light, shoot on-location, and 90% of my work is with kids! I love that my JOB is to make art and make friends. My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'. Life will be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hangin' with the little ones..

SO.....i've been a little busy, but it's a good busy b/c i've been hanging with my favorite ages, 4 months to just over a year! Look at all of these little darlings. They are seriously edible and always so so good to me. I always fall in love with these galleries. All the chub, drooling and smiles make my job so darn easy. Hope you all enjoy all these dimples!


lroah said...

Love all these - Jael turned me onto your blog. I will be visiting her in July - hope to maybe meet you! Did I read somewhere in your blog that you lived in the D.R.?

Megan said...

These are fabulous!

Amber Ellis Photography said...

You do color better than anyone! These are beautiful.

Benson Identity said...

Lovely Photos!!! I am a huge fan of your work. Your colors are amazing!
Could you please let me know where you got that pink hat with long braids?

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