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Friday, May 16, 2008


SO, the $100 is DOWN and we are waiting for our Smart Car. First time I saw one of these things was in Amsterdam - pretty much thought it was the craziest little thing I've ever seen....but due to the green movement it seems the US of A is FINALLY starting to catch on and SMARTS are now available all over the US. There is even a dealership in Tulsa (AND a VESPA dealership for all of you hippies). Just an FYI on these suckers, they get 40-45 miles per gallon, can you imagine?? SO, OBVIOUSLY Wes, Ewan and the German Shepard dog won't fit in the Smart but I do so much driving during the day it's going to be my commuting car/ accident causer car / attention getter car /that chick is so crazy car... We joked around with friends that on Saturday night when it's was time to hit the town we'd hook it up to our friend's hummer, like a the motor cycle and buggy deal...Anyway, open your mind and think SMART ;)

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Jael said...

you are making feel completely guilty...i just traded in my '03 Suburban for a new Yukon. Just couldn't go small....i really tried. I debated for weeks about what to do and just finally gave in. Enjoy your new car...when's it coming??? I've heard they aren't making any more for this year......

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