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Friday, September 5, 2008


My friends know that whenever I SHOULD have my camera I don't. First day of school...nope, good concerts, ummmmmm, assembly even after being reminded to bring the darn thing...not so much. Thank goodness for my I phone - little sucker can take a good picture (and Apple should be happy about the 'props' i'm giving them b/c i DEFINITELY have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I sware the sucker has major PMS, some days it just decides to be a brat and not cooperate with anything i want it to do. I threaten that I'm going to toss my I phone in Lake Hefner on my next run and live happily ever after with a Blackberry but I just can't bring myself to it)! Anyway, I've been on a positive energy MISSION. It started about a month ago at the DMB show, carried on to Eureka Springs Arkansas and last stop being Denver, Colorado for the Democratic National Convention. I can learn a lot from Dave Mathtews, seriously the guy plays the same stuff over and over and over and as his jugular pops out of his neck and his violinist thrashes his dreads across the stage I marvle at the energy they produce. Each song feels like the first time they've played it live. They amaze me time and time again, as do Dave crowds...everyone is a friend at a Dave show! Then there was Eureka Springs, one little funky artist town. It's the kind of place that everyone has an interesting story as to what lead them there and how they found this amazing community of artists fueling energy for their work. Some are really talented and others, not so talented but they all seem to be in the right place. As a homeless man played his tune outside our hotel, claiming to be 'the best violinst in the country' my Wesley watched him intently and whispered, 'Mom, I really like his music.' Maybe not the best music in the country but I think all of us enjoyed his music.

So the icing on the cake was Denver - a good friend of mine allowed me the opportunity to be part of history. To see and be part of such an amazing election is truly priceless (as was seeing all the big dogs, The Clintons, John Kerry, Gore, Biden, BARACK, not to mention the amazing 'ONE' show Kanye West put on...that Wed. will remain one of my favorite days ever ;). So witnessing all of this power was incredible but bigger than that was watching all the people there to witness it. Nothing more energizing than being surrounded by amazingly educated, diverse, and politicaly and socially active citizens (that all know how to also have a really good time ;). My friend Cory and I used to call these types, "SJWs" (Social Justice Warriors), people that live by the motto, 'the sole meaning of life is to serve humanity'. Lots to learn from this type of energy. SO, after returning from these 'adventures' as my Ewan put it, you'd think I'd have lots of images to share...but sadly, I don't. I AM hoping that all of this energy passed between state lines will continue to motivate creativity and friendships with all of you... Here are a few of my faves from the past few weeks....

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