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Monday, September 29, 2008


What makes me crazy keeps me sane....

It's been a weird couple of weeks. My Saturday AM kind of sums it up. I woke up, got the boys ready (in our guest bdrm shower b/c our master bathroom is out of commission due to OLD HOUSE plumbing issues), I then decided breakfast wasn't happening b/c our kitchen sink/dish washer isn't working either (separate but equally frustrating issue). As I stared at all of the dishes piled high and my inability to muster up energy Starbucks came to mind (naturally, yes?). So I threw the kids in the car, ran through Starbucks (tall dark roast with cream and ONE Splenda), and drove quickly to good ol' Sara's house to drop my younglins while I ran off to a photo shoot. Once I got them inside I went back to the car to discover that Ewan had knocked over my tall coffee and the entire thing had spilled ever so neatly in to my center console, 12 ozs of dark roast splendor, saturating the stereo components. I quickly opened my hatch and grabbed a blanket in an attempt to clean up but I realized I was late so I hurriedly pulled out. Once I turned on to May Ave my hatch flew open, littering the street with all of my newborn blankets! I pulled over, collected my props, shut the hatch and drove quickly to my shoot. Once I got there I grabbed my camera, keys...and my phone....where was my phone (my FOURTH I phone)... Luckily as I was scrambling around, I saw it resting ever so peacefully on the hood of my car (props to my I Phone CASE that kept it there)... at least the phone was spared, my sanity on the other hand had been left somewhere on May Ave. I apologize to those people I inadvertently involve in my 'frazzle'..upon another recent parallel 'Beth' mind lapse a special person said to me (instead of yelling at me), 'Ok, it's time to let Beth be Beth'. For those words I will kiss you! BUT, for ONE day I could really benefit from a functioning left brain...seriously.

On a positive note, I've been busier than I ever have been, been shooting more than ever...and on a night like tonight when the kids are asleep, the hubby is working, I have my music, a good glass of wine, and my art. I love these nights, my music, wine, and hours of proofing, I get lost in it.... And I can say that I'm proud of a lot of recent work - thanks for being amazing clients! There is so much happening these days so I'll just list a few..

New Employee/assistant/savior: COURTNEY HAMILTON - she has a functioning left brain AND is hip and cool - imagine that?? She'll be scheduling your appts. etc, answering your questions etc. etc., keeping the biz afloat... my good friend Catherine will still be helping out but on more a 'behind the scenes' level.
TRIPS AWAY: I'll be in out of state on vacation Oct 02-05, working out of state (east coast) Oct. 24-26, and then again (west coast) Nov. 6-11.
BOOKINGS: I'm pretty much booked for 2008 ~ we are starting a wait-list now. If you don't care about having stuff for Dec. 25th then it MAY be possible to squeeze you in.
Things coming up: I am hosting a photography workshop in APRIL here in Oklahoma City along with 3 other amazing photographers (website to be launched mid-October) THREE days - one day dedicated to NEWBORN shooting, lessons on creative shooting and a day dedicated to post-processing.
My blog is also getting a face-lift soon --- but it probably won't be ready for another week or two (b/c of craziness..)!
I've taken pictures for NINE billboards in town for my favorite little kids boutique in town, Funky Monkey, so look out for those!!


elena said...

you're crazy fun and amazing, a free spirit and an artist :) it is a lot of fun to follow your blog!
I would love to be able to be a part of that workshop - it would be such an amazing thing to watch you, kelly and tracy working! skin tones as always!


OMG--I want to be in your workshop for sure!! I LOVE your work!

And I feel your pain on the sanity issue...I almost cried when you said your cup of coffee spilled--that is tragic to me!

Avery said...

Fantastic work as always, and workshop? I'm SO there, I'll be watching for more info!

Tamara said...

ooooooohhh, I want to come!!

Bon Bon Mom said...

I found you on flickr. Then I heard rumor about this workshop and talked to Kelly via email. I'm in Stillwater. I was seriously hyperventilating the night I found out you guys were doing a workshop. I tried bribing her to get in the front of the line but it didn't work. ;)

LOVE you work, you are clearly amazing and inspiring to many.

Sarah said...

Oh wow, just found you on flickr too and totally hooked. What wonderful work, this is how good I aspire to be.

Sarah said...

Oh wow, just found you on flickr too and totally hooked. What wonderful work, this is how good I aspire to be.

audrey habeck said...

your work is sooo amazing! seriously! i am jealous of your ability to pull out so much color in your processing! i've tried - but it's no "beth jansen POP!"

thanks for your inspiration!

audrey habeck said...

workshop.....???? ooooooo.....can't wait for more details! when will there be more??

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