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Friday, October 31, 2008

Color me Gorgeous...

I was in a sorority for a bit in college, it was a short bit but I have a few distinct memories...

'If you could describe yourself as a color, what color would you be and why' said the president of Theta Phi Alpha sorority at a retreat back in 1997. As I looked up at the ceiling a few things came to mind, first was, 'seriously, this is the cheesiest 'ice-breaker' i've ever been a part of, am i applying for a job at TGIFridays?'... second thought, why would I have to pick just ONE COLOR?! 'Smithberg (maiden name), it's your turn, what color would you be?' ... 'Well, I'd have to say in all honesty that I would be Rainbow Brite, that chic has it goin' on!'

Since it IS Halloween I'd HAVE to say again today that I'd be Rainbow Brite...check her out, she rocks in all of color wonder craziness. I LOVE HER STYLE. So much in fact I thought it'd be fun to google Rainbow Brite and see what I came up with. There are all sorts of songs out there, one particular tune left me with a quote AND a good laugh, 'Rainbow Brite brings a shiny light to every face, shines for all to see, and makes the world a better place, Rainbow Brite and ME (that's ME!!!).' Anyway, it's no secret that I love color in ALL of it's form. I use loads of color when I dress, loads of color to decorate my house, and LOADS of color while proofing pictures - do I always match..not so much but it's my thing. How can you deny love for color? Who doesn't like a beautiful orange, red, and yellow sunset over a bright blue ocean, or seeing all the leaves change from green to glorious reds, oranges, blues, yellows?? How about seeing someone with beautiful brown skin with big green eyes? After a rain when a big ol' rainbow appears - I challenge you not to smile!! I LOVE color (and redundancy obviously ;). SO roll around it, it'll make you a better person. I'll leave you with one last quote for the day taken from my favorite new designer, pretty much sums up my way of thinking;

"Color is the most accessible, over-the-counter, mood altering substance I can think of. Overdose on color." - Jonathan Adler

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FabulousTerrah said...

Ta da ta ta.. I'm lovin it. :)

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