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Monday, October 13, 2008


I had a birthday on Saturday... I'm thirty-something. So I got to thinking about birthdays as an adult and what it means to be thirty-something. When you ask my Ewan how old he is, he'll likley say, 'I'm free or somesing (three or something)..". Sounds an awful lot like thirty-something doesn't it? So the little guy isn't so proud of his age. I find my boys fighting this 'i'm too young insecurity' every single day. When there is a birthday at school Ewan will come home and cry, 'Now COOPER is 4 and I'm still JUST 3...'. Then there is Wes who cried the other day when he heard his cousin lost his first tooth. 'It's going to take FOREVER for me to lose a tooth'. As an adult you can smirk at the mere thought of being jealous of someone who's older. But it happens for a good long while.. jealous of the first person who can go on a roller coaster, the first person to drive, the first person to turn 18 (apparently that means 'adult'), and then ultimately (in my quest for age) was the first person to turn 21. At that point I think I stopped wishing my youth away for another year. I remember watching the show 'Thirty Something' and I thought the characters were all SO depressing. But as a 'thirty-something' I don't really find it too depressing. Maybe it's biological but I find women in their thirties pretty damn empowered. Maybe it's that we've all been shamed by men a time or two, we've gained (AND LOST) the freshman 15, we've had several jobs, maybe even been fired by one, kept life-long friends, been pregnant, gained the 'rookie' pregnancy weight, birthed babies, had post-partum depression, lost that pregnancy weight, mothered children, established a career, still mothering, and HAPPY with how the years have shaped us... I think it's pretty amazing what women in their thirties have accomplished and I still LOVE to dance, still want to travel the world, still love my job, LOVE my boys, love good wine and talking to strangers on the street ... So I don't think I'll wish for my 40s or 50s right now b/c the 'thirty-somethings' are alright. As for the kiddos, there is no stopping them from wanting to be older, but at least we can DOCUMENT them along the way...

WORKSHOP UPDATE: thanks for a great PRE-release response!! May fill this one up FAST. We're having a bit to trouble with the darn website, so we'll get er' up soon! Keep checking back! (for inquiring minds, other workshop hosts are Kelley Ryden, Tracy Raver, and Jael DeYoung).


Duke said...

I have followed your work for a while as I am originally from Oklahoma (now living in Pensacola, FL) and I just discovered Kelly Ryden. I am so thrilled about this workshop. Three of us girls from Pensacola are definitely driving up for this workshop. We can't wait!

-Nicki Smith

FabulousTerrah said...

Once again, absolutely stunning photographs by the lovely Beth Jansen.

Did I hear you say workshop? Where do I sign up? Is it going to be in TEXAS?!

Bon Bon Mom said...

Happy belated birthday to you from another thirty-something!

Looking forward to the workshop details and praying I can make it. So cool!

~Margo (in Stillwater ;) )

Blink Photography, Sarah Wheeler said...

These photos are gorgeous, and I love your words about aging. I hope you had a great birthday! xoxo

-Sarah Wheeler

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