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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Build a workshop....

SO ~ I will NOT bore with you the gory details but the workshop in April is OFF. After facing some unnecessary drama the four of us decided to put plans on hold. Let me make you aware that the decision to post-pone was not due to any differences among the group but rather some negative outside forces that made us re-evaluate the worthiness of the endeavor. Having said that, I am still excited to do some mentoring. I have a few individuals flying in from all over the country for intense, two day, one on one mentoring. You tell me what you'd like to learn and I'll teach it! I WILL travel for groups. So, if you've anxiously been awaiting news of the workshop I apologize for the delay...I will say that anything covered in the workshop can be covered by yours truly. SO, let me know if you'd love to travel to the OKC (kind of like the OC, but without the ocean, or the palm trees, or, well, the weather and fresh seafood....:). Unfortunately I am NOT offering the one on one mentoring to anyone in OK. AS FOR THE PICS IN THIS POST - I never shared much from this gallery - it's one of my absolute FAVORITES. These girl's mom is a good friend and she let me have full creative the end we all were happy with the results! Aren't they stunning?!?!? We had so much fun!

Contact me at for pricing and availability for mentoring in 2009!


audrey habeck said...

oooo beth! i would love the opportunity to be mentored by you for a day or two!!!! how can i get more information and pricing? i love your editing style! and i have so many questions on how to grow my business for 2009!!! thanks!!!

Lindsay Ernst said...

What an amazing opportunity! Can I have more information about this?? I am super interested, your work is stunning!!

Beth Jansen said...

Hey, Lindsay! OMAHA - love it! I need your email address and I'll give you some details :)

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