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Thursday, November 27, 2008


This post is dedicated to Cami..

So, I was inspired the other night...watching Cribs. I watched 50 Cent's tour of his 50,000 square foot home and it reminded me a lot(not) of my house - I mean the part having a 5 and a few zeros somewhere in the square footage. Me and 50 have a lot in common, I mean we both like to dance, and entertain, he serves Cristal, I serve 'blue tape' wine (explanation below). He has a room where 'the magic happens' do I.. I heard he has a party room that houses 2,000 guests, and i can get AT LEAST 20 in my crib. He has lots of fast cars, we have a fast scooter (goes like 55, 0 to 15 in like 10 seconds) and we both like to celebrate women, he's such a feminist, that 50. SO, all in all I thought my friends from home (that haven't been to visit the OKC) would like a mini-tour. And maybe when 50 sees my crib I'll be on the fast pass to one of his parties (2,000 guests is A LOT, 50, you can invite one more?!! BETTER IDEA, heard of party pics? I could be that photographer for a night..).

I also had a client not too long ago ask, 'Is it weird showing up to stranger's houses and making yourself at home to take pictures?' Made me think, 'am I supposed to feel weird?' Then i thought, gosh, i wonder if THEY feel weird, I did witness several bodies in bed on Saturday mornings but other than babies pooping on me and my blankets I don't feel that anything was too intrusive or awkward. SO, i thought I'd go ahead and let my clients inside the tour too. You MAY be able to see where I get my love for color by the way I decorate... I'm no professional, i mean, I can't afford, '50 Cent' interior designers but it works for me!

Entry Way


One of my favorite rooms (closets) in the house; Don't you love this decor? Note the BLUE TAPE. My very methodical husband puts blue tape on wine that is considered, 'good' - i guess that means, scoring over 90 points in Wine Specatator or costing over 90 bucks or something. Funny thing is, he never forgets a label, so the tape isn't there for him. SO, blue tape means, 'BETH, use caution when grabbing this bottle of wine - it's expensive' BUT I INTERPRET it as, 'pick me, pick me!!'

My very masculine pink(it's SALMON, people!) and green bdrm.

Some bamboo...

Some more bamboo...

In case you're curious, watch a bit of 50's tour. Let me say, 'BETH JANSEN PHOTOGRAPHY DOESN'T CLAIM OR AGREE OR APPRECIATE OR SUPPORT OR ENDORSE 50's lifestyle' (So if you're easily offended by dancing women in bikinis don't watch) BUT I DO ENDORSE A GOOD LAUGH and I appreciate anthropology, so this is just a little lesson on gangster cribbage... ;)

Telling people you're being sarcastic deprives you of the fun of making people wonder. -Sawyer Neely (VIP somewhere on some hip street in Dallas Texas...)


Dennis Bullock said...

All I can say is amazing!

Danielle said...

Beth, I'm absolutely gobsmacked!
It's amazing how your lifestyle/home reflects into your beautiful work. Pure inspiration!
Can't wait till hubby comes back from work so I can show him how very 'masculine' a salmon bedroom can be lol (seriously, your bedroom is like a dream!)

Jen Arthur said...

Your home is GORGEOUS. What I wouldn't give for a mid-century modern ranch like yours! It's fabulous! And you decorated so well. Seriously--I'm impressed. Really. Impressed. Okay, can't say it enough...


Angie said...

Wow, Beth!! I now think not only do I wish I could learn from you about photography (and especially use of color), but also about design (and especially use of color, ha!!). WOW! You have such a great eye for (dare I say it again) - COLOR! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Blink Photography, Sarah Wheeler said...

Beth, Your house is fabulous! I love the artist feel to it, and all of the color. It makes me smile :)

Blondie said... if you ever decide to sell your house please let me be the first to know! And don't you dare change the walls to a "neutral" color! Loves it, totally obsessed now! Forget 50 cent; I want to be invited to a Jansen Family Par-tay!

I love your work and your lovely home. Truly inspiring! Thanks for letting us take a peek!!

Anonymous said...

OK, How much do you charge for home decorating?!!

Seriously you could charge top dollar for your photography and interior decorating. And I would be first in line!


J.ME said...

One day...when residency is over, can I pay you to come fill my home with your artistic thoughts? Oh, and while you're there, I'll pay you to photograph my kids :)

Love it!

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I LOVE your home. The architecture and your use of color is amazing.

P.S. My coworker, Mickie (you shot for her family recently), directed me to this post.

- Kathleen

elena said...

you are pretty amazing! artist all the way around :)

audrey habeck said...

your house is absolutely amazing! i am drooling over it! i love your color!!!!! amazing! the coolest thing is - i can now totally see your personality all over your photography work!!! you rock!

Jennifer said...

Well, now I can't decide if I need to hire you to be my photographer or interior designer. Amazing use of color - in your photos and your home. I showed the photos to my husband and all he can talk about is how we need to fill our house with color too. BTW I found you from Pinkletoes' blog.

Jenny B said...

I just found you thru flickr, first off, your AMAZING! I am SO beyond inspired by you. Second off, this post had me cracking up! Your house is almost as amazing as you are! Thanks for sharing and giving me a laugh.

thouzndwords said...

Beth, your sense of style is just so incredible!

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