Hello! I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma City based photographer. I use only available light, shoot on-location, and 90% of my work is with kids! I love that my JOB is to make art and make friends. My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'. Life will be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You've seen my see the boys that live in it! I rarely post my boys, so here are a few (many of you have seen some of these on my holiday card!) I always laugh when clients ask if I have kids...can't imagine doing this without having had a few! PLUS, I have complete and total empathy for all the crazy boys I have to shoot - they keep me in shape! These are my loves; Wesley will be SIX in March and Ewan just turned 4! YIKES.


Blondie said...

What fun kids. They look like they've never posed for a picture a day in their life ;). Thanks for sharing them.

audrey habeck said...

oh my gosh! that first picture is amazing!! you dress them soooo cute!!! where do you get their clothes??? if you don't mind me asking!!!

Beth Jansen said...

Clothes for both of these shoots are Crew Cuts, Gap and from Funky Monkey (on MAY!)

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