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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NEWBORN NEEDED: I need a little boy newborn, the babe must be under two weeks old...I want to try a few shots and I don't have any baby boys on the calendar! Lemme know if you've talked to one and their schedules are open btwn poops and boobs...

One thing I still find amazing about babies is how fast they grow. We had friends in from Omaha this past weekend and they brought their darling little 12 week old Matilda with them. Compared to a newborn she's HUGE! We actually had a real conversation about the new the Stimulus package and how it would effect the brand of formula she drinks... it's crazy how fast they grow in to real people! Snapped a few shots of her as well, first one was from their LAST visit, still baking :) MISS YOU GUYS!

Now for NOT so little Matilda..


brittany said...

oh goodness, your work is absolutely beautiful!

Can I ask, do you know where I could find that baby knit hat in the bottom photo. I have a baby girl, and I would love to get that hat for her!


Beth Jansen said...

Yep, it's Portland Beanie Company! You can find them online!

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